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What imaginality creates…

Added visual impact for businesses/properties to be noticed

Brand identity - expressing personality, combined with a sense of place

Environment enhancements - sculptures and artwork

Curb appeal

Elements of what we do:

Environmental Graphic Design

  1. Bullet    Creative Concepts and Design

  2. Bullet    Overall Signage and Way-finding Planning and Documentation

  3. Bullet    Research of sign codes, code compliance details, permit applications

  4.       and documentation to obtain government approvals

  5. Bullet    Presentations and representation for variances and HPC approvals

  6. Bullet    Planning and project management

  7. Bullet    Fabrication

  8. Bullet    Installation

  9. Bullet    Maintenance - evaluation, recommendations and coordination

Signage Design and Fabrication

  1. Bullet    Exterior/Interior

  2. Bullet    Way-finding

  3. Bullet    Regulatory

  4. Bullet    Identification

  5. Bullet    Recognition - donor walls

  6. Bullet    Entrance Monuments

  7. Bullet    Promotional signs and banners

  8. Bullet    Product/Trade Displays/Point-of-Purchase

  9. Bullet    Sculptural & Decorative Architectural Elements


Graphic Design and Corporate Identity

  1. Bullet    Branding/Identity

  2. Bullet    Brochures & Marketing materials

  3. Bullet    Advertisements

  4. Bullet    Brochures

  5. Bullet    Annual reports

  6. Bullet    Forms & documents

  7. Bullet    Logo Design

  8. Bullet    Newsletters

  9. Bullet    Websites


Marketing & Advertising

  1. Bullet    Marketing & Advertising campaigns

  2. Bullet    Direct & Email marketing campaigns

we are

problem solvers…

with a hands on creative process

to design the

best solutions

Want vs. Need

"Some clients will

ask me for a boat. 

What they actually need

is to cross a river."

-Ronald Shakespear

"The aim of any creative designer, is not to give the client what he thinks he wants,

but what he never even dreamt he wanted" 

Alan Fletcher.

The Compendium.

London, UK:

haidon 1993, 122


What makes

Imaginality Designs different?

Our insightfully creative ideas.

The way we think. Problem solving.

Recognizing opportunities.

The way we care about quality.

The years and depth of experience.

Diversity of work. Scope of abilities.

Our Guts to try new and experiment.

Understanding of and facilitating codes & variances.

Continual research, learning and knowledge of interrelated elements.

Prototyping and real presentations.

Art and recycling efforts.

… virtually a one-stop creative resource. 

consider good design as an investment in your future.

our services range from imagination to reality…